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Electrical Lic# 14528

Building Lic# VH01431200

W.E. Brovero HVAC # 19H00240600

Brovero Plumbing & Heating Lic# 7339

I went on to study and master electrical and carpentry in trade school. After graduating, I worked for one of the top carpenters in the area for five years, gaining extensive knowledge about rough framing houses and interior finish work. In addition to this valuable experience, I was fortunate to work for an electrician in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities for over five years. My employer realized my value and the dependable work I consistently produced, allowing him more time with other projects. His expertise and passion for the trade inspired me to get my electrical license and branch out into the field. 

From my experiences, I’ve learned to never be afraid to ask questions—ask "Why?" There’s knowledge in the question, and the answer.

Craig Joseph Manno

I was born into the trade. When I was seven years old, my grandfather would take me to work with him. A mason, I’d hand him bricks and mix mortar, always curious and asking, "Grandpa, why are you doing it like that?" and he would explain. My grandfather taught me, at a young age, to always start with a good foundation—the rest will follow. 

After graduating from Bergen Community College with an associate degree in Accounting, I enrolled in Lincoln Tech where I studied HVAC, Refrigeration, blueprint reading and drawing. As technological advancements in the field are made, I continue to take courses to understand and utilize the latest equipment. After receiving certification, I began operating my own HVAC & R company, serving the tristate area and abroad for over 30 years. When I am not installing or repairing a unit, or preparing sheet metal in my full shop, I am a technical advisor to HVAC specialists in the area.

William Brovero

With over 35 years’ experience in the HVAC&R industry, we are a licensed, bonded and EPA certified contractor. My technical skills and experiences with facilities (from single family homes to multi-story hotels) ensure the project is done precisely and efficiently.

In 1984, I received my New Jersey Master Plumber License. My expertise is in all aspects of plumbing & heating, both commercial and residential. I continue to receive certifications and further my education as the industry changes and innovations occur.  

Whether its repairing a faucet,  installing a new kitchen or bath, replacing water heaters or boilers, every job is approached with professionalism, care and concern for customer satisfaction. I have followed in my fathers footsteps with pride and have successfully owned and operated my company for 20 years. 

Richie Brovero

My interest in the plumbing trade began when I was 15 years old. My father, a Master Plumber, owned and operated his own company, Brovero Plumbing and Heating Incorporated. He taught me that "no job is too small". Through hard work and a strong work ethic,  his company which is now mine, has been in business for 45 years.